Upcoming events

Here is the list of the next events I'll be attending as a vendor. Feel free to come and find me if you happen to be there too !

  • Korea Days

    May 18-19th, 2024

    Lyon, France

  • Korean Touch

    July 6-7th, 2024

    Lyon, France

  • Roanne Geek Convention

    Sept. 7-8th, 2024

    Roanne, France

  • Japan Event

    Nov. 2-3, 2024

    Clermont-Ferrand, France

Past events

Here are some events I attended in the past :)

  • Clermont Geek Convention #12

    March 16-17th, 2024

    Clermont-Ferrand, France

  • Korean Touch #2

    July 1-2nd, 2023

    Lyon, France

  • Kick Café

    Multiple times

    Paris, France

  • Hallyu Town at Ultime Food Fest 2022

    August 27-28th, 2022

    Paris, France

  • Japan Touch Haru #7

    May 7-8th, 2022

    Lyon, France

  • Clermont Geek Convention #10

    March 19-20th, 2022

    Clermont-Ferrand, France