Being for a birthday celebration, your brand identity, an event in a coffee shop, a personnal commission, a product you want to sell, or anything else, we offer our design services to individuals, associations and companies.
Making most of our products from scratch in our studio, we can follow the process of your project from conceiving to producting, directly at our Moon Bun studio, or by finding and contacting a manufacturer, so you don't have to worry of what to do after you receive your design!

Find our different services below or on our Portfolio page (in French).

Any projet idea but no example on our website? Contact us! We are open to new offers :)

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Our prices

Our prices range from a few euros for a simple drawing, to hundreds for a whole brand identity, but always depend on your project. We can't set a price without knowing all the details about your idea. If you wish to have a precise quotation for your project, feel free to contact us via the form below or by email at!

Some of our services are free for fanbases, including SNS layouts, or have a huge discount. Being fanbase admin too, we know it often is hard to gather money to set up fan-projects and this is our way to help :)